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We are specialized in the planning of hockey tournaments world-wide. Join us in one of our 10 destinations for a once-in-a-lifetime hockey experience.
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Following the latest events related to the coronavirus, every day we receive new information and restrictions. We have 350 hockey players traveling with us in the next 2 months to Florida, Vancouver, Prague, Vienna, Athens and Russia. Please be aware that this situation is completely beyond our control and that we are sincerely sorry for it.

In the coming days we will be contacting all of our suppliers and the governments to see what is in place to protect our customers from this situation. If you’ve ever traveled with us, you know us and know how great we provide our service, and know that the health of our customers, employees and their families is the most important and that we will act accordingly.

Therefore, we ask that you send this notice to the members of the team for which you are responsible.

The International Hockey Team